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Frequently Asked Questions:
Credit goes to guys at slickdeals for some Q&A

Q: My Touchpad is not responding at all, how can I restart?
Press and hold the home button & the power button for about 15-20 seconds.

Q: How can I use the camera, I didn't find an App on my Touchpad?
The camera App doesn't come with the current ROM 3.0.2 , you can download the unreleased Official App here or buy a third-party "Camera for TouchPad" through HP Catalog.

Q: My Touchpad's screen brightness is not stable, sometime flashing?
The Touchpad has auto-dim on by default, you can make the device brighter by turning this off, go into the "settings", choose "screen and lock", turn off "auto-dim".

Q: I have too many Apps opened, how can I close some?
Press the home button to minimize into card view or alternatively place your finger on the bezel below the screen and swipe up to minimize into card view, then swipe a card up to close it.

Q: I just installed an App, but couldn't find it?
Some Apps require you to restart TP,  "Luna Restart" is usually sufficient.

Q: I installed an App but don't like it, how can I remove it?
Go into the "settings", choose "software manager", select the specific App and choose "delete".

Q: Can I add more launcher tabs in addition to the current four?
Search and install "Add Launcher Tabs" in Preware, you will get two more tabs "Games" & "Homebrew".

Q: Can I change the default Apps on the launcher tray?
Slide it up of the tray to delete it from the tray, the app still exist, think of it as a shortcut to the program. You can now go into your apps and hold down on Angry birds until a box is placed around it, then drag it onto the launcher tray.

Q: How can I disable keyboard click sounds?
Go into "settings" and choose sounds and ringtones, turn keyboard clicks to OFF.

Q: How can I take screenshot on Touchpad?
Press and hold the home button while pressing the power button to take a screenshot.

Q: How can I copy and paste text?
If you wanted to copy this post,all of it, just hold your finger down for a few seconds until the copy button appears, you will notice arrows, simply drag and drop them to the beginning or to the end, you will notice the selection is now in yellow, press copy. You should see selection copied scroll accross the top of the screen. You can then press and hold until you see the paste option where you want to copy it over too.

Q: How can I zoom in or out while browsing?
The touchpad supports pinch to zoom. Press your index finger on an empty space and hold it there, now press and hold your other index finger on another empty spot, now move your right most finger towards the clock, you should zoom in (letters get larger) and if you scroll it back to where it was, downleft, you will notice you are zooming back out. Play around with it until you understand it a bit, then try using one hand only. You will notice several articles are smaller than they should be and leave a gray screen on the sides. for example on this post if you want to make the font larger, simply double click somewhere within this post. The TP should autozoom for you.

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