Saturday, December 3, 2011

Touchplayer Version 1.0.7

Features/What’s New


  • Added UI field to paste rtsp streams
  • Added scale parameter to the play service call which basically does: args += “-vf scale=:” + inArgs.scale + ” “;)
  • Playing a file now automatically kills existing mplayer instances


  • Modified post-install script to attempt to fix install issues.  I was able to reproduce the issue on my device.  I verified that after fixing the files, a simple Luna restart did not resolve the issue but a reboot did.  Therefore, a reboot is now required after install


  • Added install check
  • Modified back-end launching, hopefully making emergency kill unecessary
  • Now uses TTF fonts, user can choose from fonts installed in /usr/share/fonts/. This makes old font.desc junk obsolete and should also immediately support all locals
  • Font scaling now works (sizes in the GUI are multipliers not points)
  • New API call for getting list of fonts
  • New API call for validating installation
  • New API parameters for playing videos
  • Updated to latest FFmpeg and mplayer as of 11/5/2011


  1. Hello,

    The author has lost the ipk of version 1.0.7.
    If by change you have kept the ipk, can you put it again on a sharing website ?
    The Touchpad community will be much grateful !


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