Saturday, November 5, 2011

Patched Adobe PDF Reader update to v1.6.5

Patched Adobe PDF Reader by kjhenrie@precentral

11/04 updated with version 1.6
This version includes all of the features of 1.5 but adds the following features:

a. Added patch to filter out PDF documents created by Zinio from the document list
b. The "Pages" panel is scrolled to the current page. There is a known issue with this that causes a long delay when opening the pages/bookmarks toaster the first time after a document is opened. This will be fixed in a future version.
c. Reworked User Bookmarks eliminating thumbnails in favor of named bookmarks
d. Increased the next/previous page bottom tap area to 30px from 8px making it easier to change pages

11/05 updated with version 1.6.5
This version is identical to 1.6.0 other than it includes the arxservice based on mupdf created by filmor_

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