Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Patched Adobe PDF Reader update to v1.5

Patched Adobe PDF Reader by kjhenrie@precentral

11/02 updated with version 1.5

This version includes all of the features in 1.4 and the following new features:

a. Fixed blank page issue by forcing the highest resolution to 1800 (knownboyofno)
b. Added Table of Contents bookmarks  (devwithoutpower)
c. Added zoom memory across page changes  (devwithoutpower) and last zoom level retention when closing and reopening the document (knownboyofno)
d. Minor bug fixes in last page viewed retention (kjhenrie)
e. Renamed Bookmarks panel to User Bookmarks to eliminate redundancy with the new Bookmarks panel (Table of Contents) (kjhenrie)

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