Wednesday, November 9, 2011

CyBoot - An App To Manage Moboot Settings From Inside webOS

by grep_awesome@precentral

Download CyBoot Here

CyBoot allows you to choose your default booting os as well as set a temporary default for your next boot only. You can also restart the touchpad from within the app.
  • You must be in developer mode
  • You must know how to use Preware or WebOSQuickInstaller to install packages. You can download WebOSQuickInstaller here.
  • This cannot be installed via palm-install or the hp app catalog
Update Log
RC1 introduces security improvements and the ability to change the default timeout for the bootloader.

Beta 2 introduces some UI tweaks to make the going down for restart screen less rough and to include a confirmation dialog for restarting. It also includes the icon for the app.

Beta 1.5 introduces a fixed installer script that should now work correctly with Preware. Thanks everyone for your help so far. Your feedback is important to the development process.

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