Tuesday, November 22, 2011

CM7 Alpha3 is Here!!!

Original posted by dalingren@RootzWiki

If you haven't installed CM7 before, please follow the instructions to directly install Alpha3:
1) Always backup your important data and files first;
2) Download the Archive fileUPDATED to Alpha3), and extract the Android folder to C: \  root;
3) Connect TP to your computer as USB drive, and create "cminstall" folder under USB root; 
4) Copy all 3 zip files to the "cminstall"  folder, disconnect your TP from computer;
5) Reboot your TP to flash mode (Power & Volume up);
6) On your PC, click "Start"-->"Run"--> input "CMD",  input the following command lines:
cd C:\Android
novacom boot mem:// < ACMEInstaller

7) Done!  Just wait to finish installaion and reboot to Android!

If you have installed previous version, please follow the instructions to update to Alpha3:
1. copy the zip file to SDCARD (recommend to do this in android). Remember the location of the file.
2. click and hold power button, choose reboot, then choose the second option (recovery).
3. you should reboot into recovery mode now.
4. Using the volume buttons, navigate through the menu until "install from a zip file", and then confirm it using home button.
5. in the next menu, you will choose the copied zip file.
6. in the next menu, confirm it.
7. wait a few minute until the flashing is done. Using power button to go back if no menu item shows "go back".
8. reboot

Change Log:
* Last prominent form of "sleep of death" fixed
* Webkit backing store(smoother scrolling)
* Minor improvements to 2D/3D performance in some apps
* Bluetooth DPad/arrows do not rotate with screen
* Battery stats now available to Android
* Serial# now populated
* Shorter hostname as a result of serial#
* General wifi fixes
* Preliminary Touchpad 4G support(no radio)
* Status bar should take less resources after an app goes full screen
* Possible fix for A2DP and wifi interference
* Possible fix for SD card not mounting
* Camera FPS improved but still nearly nonfunctional


  1. why does the update shows the filename as a2.1 instead of a3.zip ?

    this one:

  2. how do i get into the android market?

  3. @mjp, see the instructions here for Google Market:

  4. HELP. Installing Android for first time.

    When I type command in cmd
    novacom boot mem:// < ACMEInstaller

    I get error: Cannot find server

    Please help


  5. Are you in developer mode? You need the HP to be in developer mode before you can actually mess around with it.

    Go to Just Type and type "webos20090606" without quotes or "upupdowndownleftrightleftrightbastart" without quotes.

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