Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Android Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.1 For AT&T SGS II

Please note, this is for AT&T Samsung Galaxy S II.

by shep211@XDA

Download GalnetMIUI 1.11.7 ICS 4.0.1 For AT&T SGS II.

MIUI 1.11.7 ICS V1 {11-7-11}
-Created rom using galnetmiui 1.11.7 ICS & CM7 11
-Edited build.prop
-Fixed home & search buttons
-Fixed Audio issue
-Added Nexus Prime Boot Animation
-Added Rom Manager
-Removed FM Radio
-Removed MIUI Updater

How to install
Unzip MIUI 1.11.7.rar
Copy MIUI folder & MIUISCOTLAND 1.11.7 to your sdcard
Wipe and install the rom
Use file explorer and select sdcard/MIUI/theme/backup/backup.mtz and install the theme

Known Issues in 1.11.7 ICS
Need user feed back

Credits: Shep211, Designgears, Bmarko82, Pvillasuso, Galnet, lttldvl, GalnetMIUI Team, MIUI Team & Cyanogenmod Team.

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