Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Patched Adobe PDF Reader update to v1.3 with new features

Patched Adobe PDF Reader by kjhenrie@precentral

10/12 updated with version 1.3

v1.3 - This version adds a few new features brought to you by knownboyofno
a. A portrait setting "P" was added to the quality setting for better zoomed out portrait views
b. An auto off (default) and auto on was added to the page offset
c. You can change pages by either swiping from the edge on the right to the left for tapping the bottom of the screen on the right (for next page and reverse for previous page)

Download v1.3:


  1. Thnks, I put 1.2 and I like a lot, i´ll test this new 1.3.
    Great site i´ll enter everyday!