Friday, October 7, 2011

How to Get Offline Map on Touchpad

(I) Navit

Thanks to Aquasand

1. Search & install Navit in Preware;

2. After installation, get the map at the following site. You can define an area to get the selected map, or the predefined maps:

3. Save the map file and rename it to planet.bin

4. Put your Touchpad in USB Mode -> press F3 search and search for Navit -> open file location;

5. In Navit there is a folder called Maps -> Copy the planet.bin file to that folder;

6. Run Navit on your Touchpad and set your location through Menu.

 (II) Maptool Pro 

Alternatively you can also try Maptool Pro from HP Catalog, it's reported to work on Touchpad:


  1. Thanks the tips on Navit, makes this device a lot more useful.

  2. Thanks, you should also read my post yesterday on MapTool Pro, it's much more powerful than Navit.