Saturday, October 8, 2011

How to sideload books into your Touchpad with Kindle Import

We recently released the latest version of Kindle App v0.12.50, here is a solution for sideloading books into the Kindle App on your Touchpad .

Download Kindle Import

by kjhenrie@precentral

Kindle Import is an App for the HP TouchPad that will faciliate sideloading books into the Kindle application. This application can be used in conjuction with Calibre (calibre - E-book management) and/or the mobi metadata and cover image extraction tool developed by m0ngr31 which can be downloaded above.

Kindle Import will import mobi files from the /media/internal/.palmkindle directory and cover images from the /media/internal/.palmkindle/coverCache directory. The book file name must be in one of the formats:


e.g. Way of Shadows, The - Brent Weeks - AABBCCCDDEE -

If you do not provide an ASIN number a number will be generated. If you do not provide the TOTAL_LOCATIONS a default of 15000 will be used. The default values for ASIN and TOTAL_LOCATIONS will work fine, however, if the default 15000 TOTAL_LOCATIONS is used your progress bar in the Kindle Application will not accurately represent your progress in the book (in our example you might be on the last page of the book but your progress bar might only show 30%).

As mentioned above if you are not in the mood to rename all of your books you can make use of Calibre and/or m0ngr31s script. Calibre allows you to convert books from just about any format to mobi. Using the default settings calibre will convert the books to a compatible naming convention. Calibre also includes a "Send to Device" feature and recognizes the TouchPad as a device. You must have the TouchPad in USB Drive mode in order for Calibre to detect it.

Calibre 0.8.20 supports cover exporting for WebOS. If you have already imported your books using Kindle Import you will need to use the Delete Imported Books function followed by Load Books then Import Books after sending the books and covers from Calibre.

The Windows script written by m0ngre31 will extract cover images, ASIN number, and total locations from mobi files. You can then copy the files over to the TouchPad over USB to the appropriate directories.

See the Help dialog accessible through the menu for detailed usage instructions.

by m0ngr31@precentral

For you guys using Calibre and want an easy way to get your books and covers over (until the TP driver for Calibre is updated to support all of this) can use the script that I wrote.

So here is how you do everything:
1. Deregister and then Reregister the Kindle App.
2. Install Kindle-Import from Preware
3. Restart your TP.
4. Use my script to take care of naming and cover art by extracting the .zip file into the directory where all your .MOBI/.AZW files are stored (**EDIT It does a recursive scan now**). Then run the kindleSide.bat file. Your books will be properly named and placed in a folder called .palmkindle. The cover images in a subfolder folder called coverCache. Copy these to your TP (in their respective folders).
5. Run the Kindle-Import app to load and then import your books.
6. Enjoy them in the Kindle app

You will need all the meta data and coverart set properly in Calibre for this to work right.

I've updated the script to work with .AZW files, remove :'s from the Title of books (unable to use that as a filename), and made it recursive.  That means you can stick it in your Calibre library folder and it'll scan all of the subfolders and get everything it needs. 


  1. Hey, I just wanted to say thank you for this tutorial. It took me an hour to get everything correct but I side loaded my e-books to the Kindle App with covers fine.

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