Saturday, November 12, 2011

KalemSoft Media Player v0.5.1

Download KalemSoft Media Player v0.5.1 BETA
Change log
- Fixed playback performance issues introduced with WebOS 3.0.4 update
- Added subtitle support (SSA/ASS/Text - embedded only, SRT - from external file)
- Added support for multiple audio tracks
- Added UTF-8 char support (for languages such as Chinese, etc.)
- Added bluetooth audio support
- Added thumbnail preview support
- Added screen rotation support for SD videos only (HD is in the works)
- Added custom bitrate option for streaming
- Support for storing settings such as last folder viewed, aspect ratio, etc.
- Support for .ape and .wtv file formats
- Improved video streaming quality
- Increased number of list items to 8000 (favs and recordings are still 2000)
- Added support for bookmarking folders in addition to files
- Ability to browse folders above /media/internal
- Added search function within a folder
- GUI layout change to display full file names
- Fixed alphabetical sort
- Fixed AVI seek/pause issue with certain content
- Fixed TSB buffer overflow problem (45 min limit issue on streaming)
- Fixed HD playback slowness with adpcm_ms coded content
- Fixes for minor GUI glitches

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