Sunday, October 9, 2011

How to get offline maps & turn a webOS phone into a BT GPS for Touchpad

This Tutorial will show you how to get offline maps, and how to turn a webOS phone into a BT GPS for your Touchpad with MapTool Pro (or other apps that support external NMEA GPS devices).

MapTool Pro Full screen moving maps and compass overlay on TouchPad! Professional (& ad-free) version of the webOS contest winner application: MapTool. You can use this to get offline map or pair with an external GPS.

Steps to get offline maps:
1) Purchase the App from HP Catalog and install;
2) After installation, go into "Preferences", choose your map renders (default is Mapnik);
3) Choose your area of interest, then click "Cache Area" and select zoom level, begin download maps;
4) When you don't have internet available,  go into "Preferences", choose "Offline" as renders.
Please Note: All map tiles are downloaded as png files and stored at /media/internal/.MapTool.
Be cautions about the file sizes, the map files for (NYC + Long Island) are about 200MB 

How to turn a webOS phone into a BT GPS for Touchpad

We will need to use a free App developed by metaview, who is also the developer for MapTool Pro.  Here are the steps to use in connection with MapTool Pro (running on a TouchPad):
  1. Search and install "PreGo GPS" in preware on your webOS phone;
  2. Pair your phone with your TouchPad;
  3. Go to Bluetooth settings on your TouchPad, tap and hold the entry of your webOS phone to enter edit mode;
  4. Add the character string "GPS" to the name;
  5. Ensure they aren't connected anymore but Bluetooth is still enabled;
  6. Launch PreGo GPS on your phone and watch the bluetooth log in the middle of the screen;
  7. Launch MapTool Pro on your TouchPad and select your webOS phone as GPS device.
Please Note: The app needs at least webOS 2.0. Previous versions of webOS doesn't support the necessary bluetooth profile.

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