Friday, October 28, 2011

How To Get App ipk Purchased from HP Catalog (Linux CMD))

How To Get App ipk Purchased from HP Catalog (Linux CMD)

by igorv@webosbuzz

Proper way to copy Touchpad apps purchased from HP app catalog
This will copy the app ipk that is downloaded from app catalog before it is installed.
normally when you purchase an app, the ipk is downloaded as hidden ipk > installed > then hidden ipk is deleted.
We are going to copy it before it gets deleted.

Credit for this method goes to unknown user who mentioned this in comment that has since been lost during the webOSbuzz server migration. I made slight modification to simplify a bit. maybe unknown user can chime in for due credit.

Benefits of this method:

1) .ipk is copied prior to installation which means, any write protection which becomes solely dependent on device's unique ID is irrelevant.(call home,HP account verification write protections not effected)
2) Any services the app needs to install are all intact within ipk (unlike "ipk packager" which
was designed for webOS 2.0 when bundling services was not an option)
3) No need to repackage since it is already a nice,clean ipk.
4) It's simple,fast and thorough


WebOS Quick install
Touchpad in "developer mode" connected to pc

Before we get started:
if you have previously placed any .ipk files in "downloads" folder on touchpad, temporarily move them or they will also be copied during process.

1) If app has already been installed..Remove it (don't worry, if already purchased, it will appear as free in HP app catalog)

2) Have TouchPad in developer mode connected to pc, open webOS Quick Install and click on "tools > linux command line"

3) Type "cd media/internal/downloads" (without quotes) hit enter.

4) Type "cp *ipk .." (without quotes, notice spaces ie: cp

5) With touchpad still connected to pc, open Hp app catalog

6) Click on the app you want to purchase(or have purchased)..and AS SOON AS IT FINISHES DOWNLOADING(when the word "installing" appears in the progress bar) Quickly Hit Enter from step 4.

7) You are done.  You can find the .ipk file waiting for you in "media/internal" folder on your touchpad(it will have standard filename ie: " name.ipk")


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