Friday, October 7, 2011

How to tether your non-webOS phone with Touchpad

by Sickness273@precentral

Before you begin the tethering process:
- watch the video guide before making any major changes to your TouchPad, or phone. this video has detailed explaination
- although a freshly doctored TouchPad is not required, understand that it will be the first thing asked of you to do if you ask for troubleshooting steps.
- if you experience any problems without explaination, try having no apps or patches installed other than freeTether, Preware, and Govnah/UberKernel
- be sure your Bluetooth profile on both your cell phone, and TouchPad are cleared
- keep Wi-Fi OFF during the pairing process (otherwise your TouchPad may become confused)
- I cant stress enough how important it is to follow the video and annotations exactly
- feel free to try your own ideas for your settings if the method in the video prove unsuccessful. this is still very much a work in progress, and there is no set-in-stone method of doing this. but the method in the video has the highest success rate as of now
- Do not confuse acroyms with the wrong meaning:
BT = Bluetooth; TP = TouchPad; BT Data = Data between two devices (not cellular data.)
- Wi-Fi can be re-enabled after pairing.

Once you begin the tethering process:
- be sure you enable "AUTO BT TETHER" in General Prefs (freeTether)
- be sure you enable "PAN PROFILE" in Bluetooth Prefs (freeTether)
- know that the "Connections" tab in freeTether will not display your phone. this is normal and expected
- Data connection to you cell phones' network via Bluetooth is not supported for the TouchPad as of this update.

Many people who have done the above have been able to get text messageing, and phone calling from the TouchPad to work. but please understand that it simply may not be possible to pair your device with your TP.

List of phones with full support:
LG Rumor Touch
HTC Evo 3D - conflicting reports of success; but the only other to have full support

List of phones with most or partial success:
Blackberry Bold 9780
Blackberry 8530
HTC Sensation
HTC Sensation2
Samsung Epic 4G
Nokia 5800
Dell Venue Pro
Apple iPhone
iPhone 3G
iPhone 3Gs
iPhone 4
LG Optimu
LG Rumor
LG VN250
T-Mobile HD2
Google Nexus S 4G
Motorola Atrix
Motorola Droid X
Motorola Droid Charge
Motorola Droid X2
Motorola Photon
LG Optimus
Samsung Focus
Samsung Gravity T
Samsung Gravity S2
Samsung Behold 2
Samsung Infuse 4G

List of phones with least, or no success:

HTC Thunderbolt
HTC Desire
Samsung Fascinate
Samsung Restore
non-webOS 2.2 phones
Known Issues:
- Going out of range between TP and Phone rarely requires a manual re-paring.
HP TouchPad's Bluetooth menu does not open on its own, it be done manually in the order of the video.

More discussion on precentral


  1. is this a one-time setup guide or something we need to do each time we want to pair?

  2. is there any way that I can tether my phone (GZ1 Boulder) to my HP Touchpad (dual-boot running either WebOS or Android) and have my phone provide brodaband Internet to my Touchpad? My phone supports this and I have it working with my laptop. I'd just love to be able to have the same Internet access on my HP Touchpad.

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