Friday, October 28, 2011

[GUIDE] Make a nandroid backup. Do! :)

by Redflea@RootzWiki

So you've got Android CM7 on your shiny new Touchpad, things are running great, you get a little cocky and decide to try a few tweaks, or a pre-release patch and wham, somethings wrong and you're unable to boot CM any more.

Or (since this is an alpha) things just suddenly go south for no reason that you can see and you can't boot into CM.

For those new to Android, and for those experienced Android ROM'ers who've just forgotten in all the excitement, having a Clockwork Recovery "nandroid" backup available could save you from some very bad mojo, like having to wipe data/factory reset, remove/reinstall CM, etc., if you get into a bind.

A nandroid backup contains everything in your current Android setup - think of it as an image of a hard drive - operating system, data, apps, settings, wallpaper, etc. Everything.

So take a moment from your crazed fondling of your suddenly oh so sexy dual-booting, Android and webOS toting, totally terrific Touchpad, and boot into recovery (press and hold power button and select Reboot and then Recovery) and use the Backup option in ClockworkMod Recovery to make a backup of your current setup. Everything Android is backed up - apps, data, settings, kernel, so if you restore that backup later you'll have a complete "re-do" of your current setup.

Maybe make a new backup just before you try any new tweaks or other changes. (You can delete the older ones (found in ClockworkMod>Backup) so you don't use too much space on them.)

You'll be glad you did this if something goes wrong, and you find you can still boot into Recovery and restore a backup to save your butt.

Happy CM-Touchpadding to all.

How To

Really easy to do...

1. Press and hold power key until power menu appears
2. Select Reboot
3. Select Recovery
- TP will reboot into recovery - looks something like this:

Use the volume buttons to navigate, and the Home button to select. The Power button backs you up one level in the menu.

4. Select "backup and restore"
5. Select "Backup"

Backup will proceed, wait patiently. When it's done:

6. Press the Power key to back up a level
7. Highlight the Reboot option and press the Home key to reboot back into CM7

Once you have a backup (aka "nandroid" or a "nandroid backup" in Android community speak), you can restore it using that same Backup and Restore menu - select Restore and you'll be able to select which of the nandroid backups you want to restore.

Nandroid backups aren't small, so you should manage how many you keep if you're concerned about space on your TP. You can find them (and delete, backup to PC, and rename them) in the sdcard in ClockworkMod>Backup, using the File Manager app, or any other file-browsing app. Renaming them after making them is a really good idea, so you know what each backup is & maybe why you made it. For example, Backup-b4-Alpha3. By default nandroid backups are named for date/time when created, e.g., 2011-10-18-22.44.13. I append a descriptor to the default backup name (2011-10-18-22.44.13-b4-Alpha3) so I get the date info and reason.

The Restore menu under "backup and restore" allows you to restore a nandroid backup. The Advanced Restore menu allows you to restore specific parts of a backup (e.,g., just the kernel, or just data, etc.) but that's best left for advanced users.

You can always press the Power button (press and release, not long press) to back up one level. If you press the Power button at the top level the menu will disappear. Don't panic, press it again and the menu will reappear.

Backup before any significant change - you will be very glad you did someday... :)

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