Sunday, October 16, 2011

[HOW-TO] Fix for missing Market Apps

by dark_angel@RootzWiki

There’s an update that fixes the problem with the Android Market that had prevented certain apps from being listed.

FIX # 1
Method : Using Android and ClockworkMod Recovery:

1) Download (Thanks to wisausnk)
2) Connect your tablet to your PC via a USB cable and mount your tablet as a USB mass storage
3) Copy the update file to the root directory of your device.
4) Press and hold the power button on your tablet.
5) Choose the Reboot option.
6) Select Recovery from the next menu.
7) Your tablet will reboot to ClockworkMod Recovery.
8) Use the volume buttons to scroll down to “install zip from sdcard.”
9) Tap the home button to select that option.
10) Tap the home button again to “choose zip from sdcard.”
11) Use the volume keys to scroll down and select the update file.
12) Tap the home key to select.
13) From the next menu, use the volume keys and home key to select the “yes” option.
14) After the install is complete, press the power button to go back to the main menu, and tap home
to reboot your system.

Once you’ve done that, you should be able to find Google Maps, Facebook, the Dolphin HD or Opera web browsers, or other apps in the Android Market.

FIX # 2
OK, if you still have some apps missing try this after doing the above fix:

Please make sure to do that in Order:
1) Go to "Market" and by back button go to Settings > Applications > Manage Apps
2) Press "All" on top tab and scroll down to "Market" press it and you will find three options press "Clear Cache" and "Force Stop" respectively, leave "Clear
Data" alone.
3) Press back button to the "All" menu again and Scroll up until you see Google Services Framework, press it and you will find two options Press "Clear
Data" > OK and after that press "Force Stop" respectively.
4) Press back button to desktop and press "Market" may be you will get an error (that is good)!
5) Now reboot your Touchpad and hit "Market" again and do search for your favorites Apps which were missing previously. That worked for me and I hope it
will work for everyone too. Just make sure to do that in ORDER.

*** If you are getting more than two server errors, it is most likely your WiFi connection is lost, a know issue with this built. So check your wifi before you proceed to try Market again. Thanks


  1. Where did you get the Multiupload Link from?? becouse its mine from the Forum. It would be nice to quote that.

  2. I got directly from RootzWiki. Please leave your nickname so that I can credit properly.