Friday, October 7, 2011

Comparison: Which Kernel is the best for Touchpad Overclocking?

by ghostinator@precentral

This test involves all Kernels available in the public and ALPHA and BETA testing Feeds for the HP Touchpad.

How to get these kernels you must go to Testing Feeds - WebOS Internals and read EVERYTHING

*** Latest Kernel Builds being benchmarked now but this time with lithium benchmark found in the app catalog. ***
I will bench a few kernels at select speeds with lithium, both latest versions and the ones i used previously to compare any version specific speed improvements

Every Speed was tested with the governor set to performance.

I literally had to put my Touchpad in a ziploc bag and in the freezer for over an hour to get the temp low enough to run stable long enough to benchmark.

***The Lower the score the better performance ****

F4 Phantom Kernel Takes the Lead for 1.8GHz Performance.

Warthog Takes the Lead at 1.7GHz

Warthog Takes a considerable lead @ 1.512GHz! I reran all kernels and benched each one over 20 times each and averaged the results since there was such a drastic difference.

at 1.118GHz, No one brings it home like the Palm Default Kernel.

I also wanted the performance changes (if any) of the original F15C I used in the benchmarks below to the latest Alpha release.

Versions benched:
Latest at time of testing: 3.0.2-61
So roughly different builds in between.

Looks like uNiXpSyChO knows how to optimize quite well!

Props to Webos-Internals for creating all this kernel goodness and ScienceApps developer for making Lithium ENYO Benchmark that is found in the Appstore. For more information about his application visit Lithium BenchMark for TouchPad

Older nBench and webOSMark Benchmarks Below

Exact Kernel Versions used in benchmarking:
Palm Kernel (3.0.2-1)
UberKernel (3.0.2-36)
WarthogKernel (3.0.2-42)
F15C (3.0.2-42)
F4 Phantom (3.0.2-46)

The Process: Freshly doctored TP with webOS 3.0.2 installed. Preware and govnah installed. Installed the kernel, rebooted, set speed to max supported by kernel on performance governor. run nbench 5 times and averaged score. Rebooted the TP, verified clock speed and governor settings, then ran webOSMark 5 times and averaged results. Between testing each kernel, the current one was uninstalled, palm default installed over it rebooted, new kernel installed, then rebooted again. I didn't do battery life or any of that because it's irrelevant to me. I was curious about the performance in numbers, so i did the tests made some graphs and decided to share. Enjoy!

Obviously the F15C and the F4 are pretty much tied since they run at the same clock speed. Also, If you install F15C and F4 kernels and notice that Govnah isn't showing your second CPU active don't go harass uNiXpSyChO! a) the second cpu is turned on and off as needed alot quicker on his kernels compared to others and govnah doesn't always catch it. b) powerd might have turned it off it deemed necessary.

As soon as i find a good stable voltage to run my touchpad at 1.944GHz, i will update these with results. Until then my kernel of choice is F15C @ 1.836 GHz and settings are as follows in govnah
governor: Ondemand
min freq: 192mhz
max freq: 1.836GHz
sampling rate: 0.01 Sec
up threshold: 65%
ignore nice load: false
powersave bias: 0

I/O Scheduler: NOOP
TCP Congestion: VENO

Sources for Tests:
webOSMark: Load this link directly into your touchpad's browser and it'll make the app catalog appear with an option to download it

nBench: Installed optware from Preware, went into terminal used command "ipkg-opt install nbench-byte" then ran nbench

Update: Each Kernel ran at the same speed and governor settings to show any performance differences between them. Only nBench was ran and not webOSMark/.

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