Monday, October 17, 2011

CM7.1 for Touchpad with fixes

This version has fixed some bugs, newer version will be released soon from Dalingrin. (Thanks to cellneuron)

1. add CIFS support (UTF8 included)
2. fixed /system mount writable
3. fixed touchscreen
4. fixed market filtering
5. may fix sleep of death

Installation Guide (by cellneuron):
1. copy the zip file to SDCARD (recommend to do this in android). Remember the location of the file.
2. click and hold power button, choose reboot, then choose the second option (recovery).
3. you should reboot into recovery mode now.
4. Using the volume buttons, navigate through the menu until "install from a zip file", and then confirm it using home button.
5. in the next menu, you will choose the copied zip file.
6. in the next menu, confirm it.
7. wait a few minute until the flashing is done. Using power button to go back if no menu item shows "go back".
8. reboot 


  1. I was one of the lucky few that had almost no issues from the beginning :)) I'll just wait for Alpha 2.