Saturday, October 8, 2011

Chroid New Release v0.1.0 (Android running as an App by Chomper)

Testing Video by GoTouch

10/08 Update Version 0.1.0 by Chomper
Please read carefully before installation!!!

What's new in Version 0.1.0:
1. Closing card is clean
2. Additional storage (free space increased to 118MB, and shows mounted SD storage of 30GB)
3. Camera works now
*  Default language is English for this version.

1. Flight Mode not working yet;
2. Sounds not working yet;
3. Flashing screen;
4. Browser download not fully working;
5. Need to choose "media scan" in "dev tools" after installing new App;
7. Occasional android system screen flashing while playing games;
8. No OpenGL 3D yet;
9. Long installation time.

Key Map:
power -> power
home  -> home
vol +  -> menu
vol -   -> back

Source code will be released by the weekend.

WARNING: This is translated from a Chinese forum entry.  I am not responsible for any damage caused by installing and using this application. INSTALL AND USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!

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