Friday, October 7, 2011

Android running as an App on TouchPad

Chroid is now on CNET, Endadget & Precentral headlines.  
Keep up the great work, Chomper!!!

Update (10/06):

The last release is skipped since more candies are coming.
1. Fake SD card is mounted now. Programs need SD access can be run.
2. Wifi issue is solved. No network issues.

The author is working on sound issue and will wrap around in the next two days and release the next very alpha very soon. Download link will be posted here once available.

Installation Tutorial by reverendkjr

Another Review
by GoTouch


The IPK file is about 81MB, and need more than 10 mins to be installed via preware only. Just be patient and will do no harm to your Webos.

0. Initial language is Chinese only. You can switch language in settings (may need some tries and guess ).

1. Wifi switch is not working. Using webos Wifi switch. The network will always show airplane mode, but you can use the browser now.

2. Single touch so far.

3. Keys: Home: home, Power: power, Volume upper: back, volume down: menu

4. The whole IPK runs as OS so far, and will run in a card in next release.

5. SD card is not mounted so far, so any program using SD card will not work.

6. Usable space has only 11MB left, therefore any big APK will not work.

7. No google market so far. Put your apks in /APKS folder when you mount your tablet as a USB drive.

8. All other things do not work so far.

In order to go back to webos, you need "press and hold" the power button for 5 secs and then select the third option.

If the touchscreen does not work, you can reboot by pressing "home + power" for 15 secs.

Don't worry, all things will be fixed quickly since there is no hardware or big driver issues here.

Authors blog (You need a weibo account to access.)

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + Install at your own risk + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +
This is an IPK file and will do NO harm to your tablet at all. If you don't like it, press and hold the icon for 3 seconds, and then delete it. No garbage or anything left.

If you Overclocked it it will revert it back to factory state.

Please keep in mind, the author just used one week to cook this thing out. As he mentioned in his blog, he will fix all things up very quickly. Making android on Webos is not difficult for a linux programmer.

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