Monday, December 5, 2011

BFG Google Maps HD

Credit goes to rmausser@precentral.  Google Maps with Street View now for Touchpad.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

MobiOS 1.2.4 HD for Touchpad

Download MobiOS 1.2.4 HD for Touchpad

Credit goes to nova_ck, who made it run in fullscreen on Touchpad and add some Return function for better use.

About MobiOS :
It's a play on the url extension ".mobi", typically used for mobile websites.

Small description for each part of the app:
* With GoogyOS, you have access to all of the mobile versions of their web apps (gmail, etc.).
* With WindyLive, you have access to all of the mobile versions of the windows live web apps.
*With YahooyOS, you have access to all of the mobile versions of their web apps (Yahoo mail, sport, etc) .
*With AOLMobile, you have access to some (adding more in a future update) of the mobile versions of their web apps (AIM, mail, etc.)

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Touchplayer Version 1.0.7

Features/What’s New


  • Added UI field to paste rtsp streams
  • Added scale parameter to the play service call which basically does: args += “-vf scale=:” + inArgs.scale + ” “;)
  • Playing a file now automatically kills existing mplayer instances


  • Modified post-install script to attempt to fix install issues.  I was able to reproduce the issue on my device.  I verified that after fixing the files, a simple Luna restart did not resolve the issue but a reboot did.  Therefore, a reboot is now required after install


  • Added install check
  • Modified back-end launching, hopefully making emergency kill unecessary
  • Now uses TTF fonts, user can choose from fonts installed in /usr/share/fonts/. This makes old font.desc junk obsolete and should also immediately support all locals
  • Font scaling now works (sizes in the GUI are multipliers not points)
  • New API call for getting list of fonts
  • New API call for validating installation
  • New API parameters for playing videos
  • Updated to latest FFmpeg and mplayer as of 11/5/2011

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Touchpad 3.0.5 RC1 Build671 ROM


WARNING: This is an unreleased testing ROM.  We are not responsible for any damage caused by using this ROM.  INSTALL AND USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!

Use device tool if you have problems with activation, follow the instructions here.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

CM7 Alpha3 is Here!!!

Original posted by dalingren@RootzWiki

If you haven't installed CM7 before, please follow the instructions to directly install Alpha3:
1) Always backup your important data and files first;
2) Download the Archive fileUPDATED to Alpha3), and extract the Android folder to C: \  root;
3) Connect TP to your computer as USB drive, and create "cminstall" folder under USB root; 
4) Copy all 3 zip files to the "cminstall"  folder, disconnect your TP from computer;
5) Reboot your TP to flash mode (Power & Volume up);
6) On your PC, click "Start"-->"Run"--> input "CMD",  input the following command lines:
cd C:\Android
novacom boot mem:// < ACMEInstaller

7) Done!  Just wait to finish installaion and reboot to Android!

If you have installed previous version, please follow the instructions to update to Alpha3:
1. copy the zip file to SDCARD (recommend to do this in android). Remember the location of the file.
2. click and hold power button, choose reboot, then choose the second option (recovery).
3. you should reboot into recovery mode now.
4. Using the volume buttons, navigate through the menu until "install from a zip file", and then confirm it using home button.
5. in the next menu, you will choose the copied zip file.
6. in the next menu, confirm it.
7. wait a few minute until the flashing is done. Using power button to go back if no menu item shows "go back".
8. reboot

Change Log:
* Last prominent form of "sleep of death" fixed
* Webkit backing store(smoother scrolling)
* Minor improvements to 2D/3D performance in some apps
* Bluetooth DPad/arrows do not rotate with screen
* Battery stats now available to Android
* Serial# now populated
* Shorter hostname as a result of serial#
* General wifi fixes
* Preliminary Touchpad 4G support(no radio)
* Status bar should take less resources after an app goes full screen
* Possible fix for A2DP and wifi interference
* Possible fix for SD card not mounting
* Camera FPS improved but still nearly nonfunctional

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Add Arrow Keys to Your Touchpad Keyboard

Credit goes to Maverickz@precentral


Let's begin.

First of all, you must enable developer mode on your TouchPad. To do this, just tap the Just Type and enter this code: webos20090606
The developer mode application will appear in the search results. Open it and turn on developer mode, DO NOT set a password. It is recommended to restart your device after that.
Install Preware if it isn't already installed: Application:Preware - WebOS Internals

You also need a command line tool to access the device's Linux operating system later on this guide. You can either use novaterm which is installed as part of the official webOS SDK, or you can use the command tool that is built in to the webOS Quick Install (WOSQI) that you used to install Preware earlier. I have received reports that this DOES NOT work with XTerm but it may work with other command line tools. I have not tried them all to see.

The installation:
- Download keypatch.rar.
- Unzip this wherever you want on your hard drive. It should create a subfolder named keypatch. This is the script needed to install the patch.
- Download the file from the link at the end of this post.
- Unzip the file into the keypatch folder created earlier.
- Connect your TouchPad to your computer and select the USB Drive option on the TouchPad's screen. This will create a new drive letter in Windows Explorer for your TP (remember this drive letter).
- Copy the keypatch folder to your TouchPad.
- Disconnect your TouchPad by right clicking the drive icon for the TP in Windows Explorer and selecting Eject.
- Remove and reconnect the USB cable from your TouchPad but this time hit "Close" on the USB Drive prompt.
- Open a command window using novaterm or WOSQI.
--- If you installed the SDK, the default path for novaterm is c:\program files\palm inc.\terminal. Double-click the novaterm.bat file to open novaterm, click the File menu and select "Connect".
---If you did NOT install the SDK, you can use the WOSQI tool. Open WOSQI, click the Tools menu and select "Linux Commandline".
- Navigate to the keypatch directory by typing cd /media/internal/keypatch and press Enter.
- Create a template file by typing sh generate and press Enter.
- Apply the patch by typing sh patch qwertyarrows.json and press Enter.

Be patient. This process might take about 10 minutes. When this completes it should reboot the operating system automatically.

- When done, close the command window, disconnect the USB cable and enjoy your more functional virtual keyboard.

Should you ever want to revert to the stock virtual keyboard you can do so as follows.
- Connect the USB cable to your TouchPad and hit "Close" on the USB Drive prompt.
- Open the command window as you did to perform the install.
- Navigate to the keypatch directory by typing cd /media/internal/keypatch and press Enter.
- Type sh revert and press Enter. This process will take couple of minutes and when it completes it will reboot the OS and the keyboard will be back to normal.

For advanced users that know how to and want to modify their own keyboard layout files here are the known control key codes. They are all Type = "S". At this time I have tested all codes up to 0033 and this is all I have found that was useful. I am still looking for cut/copy/paste functionality.

0001 Tab
0003 Backspace
0004 Enter
0010 Home
0011 End
0012 Left Arrow
0013 Up Arrow
0014 Right Arrow
0015 Down Arrow
0016 Page Up
0017 Page Down
0020 Shift
0023 +=[]